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Saloniki Greek Lemons


The idea of Saloniki Greek came from a love of Greece, her culture, people and energy. The food is delicious, simple, and with respect shown to the ingredients. The Greeks have a passion for life, for food, for culture, for their language — it's unmistakable.


Saloniki began as an idea that was rather simple. We wanted to bring a Greek sandwich shop to the United States. We wanted to make everything from scratch. We wanted to source from the best, know where our ingredients were coming from, and approach the culinary from a chef’s perspective.


Our love of the process and our product makes us different. For Saloniki, we source the way we do for our full service restaurants, the quality, freshness and flavor of the ingredients is paramount. We make everything in our kitchens, from scratch. For us, to represent Greek culture and food, is an honor, we don’t take it lightly, and so we work harder than anyone to make sure the flavors are authentic and the food is the best it can be.

Saloniki Greek Team

We’re the founders of Saloniki Greek. We love hospitality, and we appreciate the chance to share our story with you. We started Saloniki so that everyone could taste the flavors of Greece in a fun, energetic atmosphere. We wanted to source the best possible ingredients and, staying solely in the greek flavor profile, cook the best possible food we could. For us, this has been a journey of discovery, friendship and flavor. We hope you enjoy.

Meet the Team
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